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The dead do not always rest easy on Tymeara... through the wild magic inherent on the world, or through sheer force of will death does not always lead to the afterlife. Since the dark time of the Age of Dust the undead have been a menace to all life on the world. They come in many different forms and guises according to manner of death and what parts of their Being remain. The more parts of Being left (see below), the stronger the undead will be. However, to become one of the most powerful undead, the individual will have had to have studied magic or been a very mighty individual in life.

A belief held by all on Tymeara is that a Being, a person, is formed of six different parts: Body, Soul, Mind, Spirit, Essence (or life-force) and the Word of Being. The weakest of all undead only possess two of these parts: the Word of Being and one other. The more remaining after death, the more powerful the Undead will be - all the way up to liches, the mightiest and most feared of their kind.

Lesser Dead Chillshadows
Dire Wolves
Lost Souls
Skeletons / Zombies
Greater Undead Liches
Dire Werewolves
Morvarg (Death-hounds)
Dracoliches (liche dragons)
Dracyres (vampiric dragons)
Wights / Mummies







There are certain places that are of special significance to the undead and it would be most wise for mortals to keep well clear. Unfortunately curiousity is a common curse of mortality...

Uth Necros - there are several necropoli across Tymaera but this is the most infamous.

The Citadel of Dusk - Home of the Liche-king Bel'Sharoth

The Wailing Well -

The Valley of the Dead - located in the great Dragon Mountains north of Nerat. This is where Uth Necros is located.