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Places and Geography
Tymaera is a vast world dominated by two major landmasses: the Northern Lands in the northern hemisphere, and Caevalonia in the southern hemisphere. The equator is mainly occupied by oceans and archipelagos.



Climates - North: warm (protected from cold winds from south by Grey and Dragon Mountain ranges), South: cold, higher altitude. Far south is the ice plateau where the cold winds blow down from. Northern plains kept from tropical conditions by cool ocean currents - cools air of onshore breezes. In North tropical conditions occur in Lesser Wilds because much of that area is located in a basin where the low altitude (some of it is below sea level) allows it to be much warmer. Desert regions occur in the heart of the continent because air has lost its moisture by the time the trade winds reach here, also there is a permanent anticyclone (low pressure air system) here as the air is rising

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  • Greater Wilds - high plateau, cooler - mainly pine forest area. Sparsely populated.
  • Northern Lands - where most colonisation has taken place. Includes the northern plain lands.
  • Lesser Wilds - mainly rainforest / jungle as much of it is in a warm, low basin area. Rest = deciduous woodlands)
  • Deserts - dry, basin area in heart of continent
  • World Spine
  • Griffin Peaks - Fold mountains. These separate the steppe plains of the Northern Lands from the Evermoors. They are at the edge of the bowl of land in which the Evermoors lies.
  • Ruined Land
  • Dark Lands
  • The Desolation
  • Misty Plains
  • Evermoors
  • Wild Horse Canyon
  • The Plain of Bones
Griffin Peaks
Northern Coast
Celeburn castle


  • The Dark Tower (Mad Jakkle's)
  • Valley of the Dead and Uth Necros (A gateway to Spirit World : belongs to Ra-Sep-Re-Tay)
  • Uth Nagor (Bloodbane's)
  • Uth Sarthan - ruined Elven city
  • The Nine Gates
  • Belth
  • Fortune City and Fortune Keep (major city, and imperial palace, cultural melting pot!)
  • Great Oasis
  • Celeburn and its Watchtower - located in the Northern Reach
  • Citadel of Dusk (Bel-Sharoth's)- at foot of Grey Mtns
  • Crooked Peak and Khisan (Demons')
  • Kinvala
  • Khisan - The Demon City
  • Mir Nered - city of the Dark Elves
  • Morpeth
  • Mull
  • Tshar (Hssaar capital)
  • The Towers of Art
  • Ishter ('City of Thieves' and located on main north-south trading route)
  • Tenra (2nd largest human-founded city. It is the furthest human kingdom away from the seat of the Empire's power and is located furthest south on the Tenra Plateau, bridging the gap between the Grey Mtns to the east, & the Dragon Mtns to the west. End of main trading route. Ruled over by the Ice Queen. A rogue kingdom, broke off from Empire. Currently on uneasy truce for trading terms.)
  • Sorth (Lizardmen stronghold)
  • The Wailing Well
  • Widow's Crag
  • The Black Abyss - in Griffin Peaks.
  • Southrot - located south of Eastern Reach
  • Portals and Gates - or how to get around quickly!


The Moons of Tymaera
Tymaera has three moons, collectively known as 'the sisters'. Myths about the creation of the moons are many and varied. In the most popular it is said they each represented a force of the Celestila, the highest order of the gods and at first there were one for each moon. But as Chaos was defeated the fourth moon Ultharis was cast down from the skies. As Ultharis the 'Demon Eye' fell (see 'history' page) it passed close to Gurranael and Asagorael and they were tainted by it and turned into baleful eyes of night, but the last moon was in eclipse at the time, hidden and so Isel remained neutral.

The nature of the three moons is as follows:

Isel - the silver moon. Tymaera's nearest and largest moon. aka 'The Eye of Truth'. So called because its light is believed to reveal the true nature of things. esp. in the case of lycanthropes for it is by the light of the full moon of Isel that they must transform to show their 'real' nature. Compared to that of the other moons (see below), the light of Isel is thought to be pure and wholesome, hence it's 'truth'-revealing properties.

Gurranael - the yellow moon. Seen to be about half the size of Isel, Gurranael is a sickly billeous yellow. Also known as 'The Light of Decay'. This is the Moon of the Dead. When Isel is eclipsed or very wane but Gurranael shines bright such nights are called 'Dead Nights', it is said the spirits of the dead become especially restless at normal folk take care to stay within their homes.

Asargorael - Tymaera's most distant and seemingly most small moon. To utter its real name is considered bad luck and so it is referred to as the 'Red' or 'Shadow' moon. Its name means 'The Thirsting Light' and it is when Asagoreal waxes strong and the others wane that things of darkness crawl the land, daemons, beasts and those with black, dark-hearted deeds to perform. As you may have guessed, 'thirsting' refers to bloodthirst. The nights when Asagorael's light shines strong are few and far between, but are linked with the most bloody and inhuman rituals of the dark gods.