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Deities and Spirituality
Overview + The Celestela + The Celestula + Others + The Zodiac


The Pantheon of Tymaeran gods is ordered into a hierarchy, with the three Major Deities foremost (collectively called the Celestila), followed by the Lower Gods. These are the Patron Deities of each species (the Celestela). Then, lower down, stand the Lesser Gods (the Celestula). Above all stands the Creator, all other deities, even the Celestila, are thought simply to be 'stewards' of creation.

The Celestila:
The Major Deities have no alignment. They are neutral forces that contrast and yet compliment one another to keep the Multiverse in equilibrium. Although their power is beyond mere Good and Evil, the Lower Gods are aligned loosely according to the forces each if the Celestila commands, with Evil following the ways of Mnedeb, Good following Arthoras and Neutrality following Yradeb. That is not to say that some forces of Good cannot be Chaotic and that some Evil cannot be Lawful and ordered - a balance is needed for everything.

Mnedeb - Goddess of Destruction
Arthoras - Goddess of Creation
Yradeb - God of Law
Ultharis - God of Chaos (cast down and destroyed, leaving just the above 3).

The Celestela:
Patron Deities do not have to be worshipped by only their own species - pretty much anything can worship anyone. These Higher Beings exist in a constant struggle for power between Good and Evil with those of Neutral alignment acting to keep things in balance. Alliances are eternally forged, broken and altered between the deities. There are power struggles within each of the three alignments too, though mostly amongst those of chaotic influence.
These shifting forces are loosely mirrored on the Prime Material plane by those souls loyal to their respective gods, with wars, truces, peace and treachery following such occurrances in the Pantheon.

Their domains are the Heavens, for Good and the Lower Planes and the Abyss for Evil. Between these places lie the Spirit World, realm of the lost and godless dead; the Shadow Plane, realm between the Living World and the realms of the dead. The Living World is the Prime Material Plane. There are other dimensions and planes of existence, such as the Demon Realms and the plane inhabited by Kalganos, the First Dragon. These are all beyond the reach of the Celestela's influence as their interest lies in the mortal souls of the living.

The power of the deities waxes and wanes according to the number of souls within their sway, and how powerful their species is. Their power is great, but without enough loyal souls, they would lose their place in the Celestela and become one of the Lesser Gods. This is what happened to Arpes, goddess of Despair whose patron race the arachnoid shratiis were wiped out by the races of Man who saw them as an abomination.

The Celestula:
Deities with no particular species to represent. Not as powerful as the Celestela, but not without a strong influence on the Prime Material Plane either.

The Celestela:

Thurhan, Neutral. - Warrior-god of Battle. Depicted as a great bull-headed centaur who carries a morning star and a broadsword into battle. He never has a shield for his fighting prowess is such that he is not believed to need one! Primarily the Patron Deity of minotaurs, he is also worshipped by centaurs, ranwulfs, humans, orcs, trolls, ogres, dracosvulfs and other warlike individuals. Thurhan is neither good nor evil and asks of his followers that they simply be mighty in battle.

Marjuna. Good - Patron Deity of the Degarii cat-people. She is the goddess of the land and fertility.

Malesanith. Evil - God of Dusk. (Adopted) Patron of the Dark Elves. As the light of day and goodness dies, Malesanith will be there, seeing it to its ending and ushering in the darkness of evil. Malesanith appears as a slender, raven-haired alluring young man or sometimes as a sultry, irresistable woman... or a mixture of both sometimes!. Malesanith is a god of wanton lust, the darker, uncontrolled side of passion: encompassing the dangers such unfettered emotion brings and the twisted perversions it can drive a soul to. As a god of such mortal weaknesses, he has no shortage of worshippers amongst all species and Malesanith is the most powerful of the dark gods.

Anshu, the Mother of Lies. Evil - Patron Deity of the Hssaar snake people. She is portrayed as a two-headed hssaar with vast batlike rings, eight arms and up to eight tails. Each arm holds a different symbol sacred to the Hssaar. She is on the side of Darkness.
She is also worshipped by Dark Elves, evil humans, Elver and other evil beings. IMAGE

Intoth - God of disease and corruption.

Thorisis - Wisdom

The Celestula:
Pokeva - goddess of luck.
Thuneb - Rain
Myrach - beauty. Dark side = vanity/selfishness
Asinu - of the Sea
Ven - Travel
Vahal, lord of the hunt. - Appears as an elven figure upon a white stag.

Some species (on the whole) do not worship deities.

The Oracles:
These are sentient beings. They are the four Elements from which the worlds were created from the nothingness of Chaos at the beginning of Time: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. There is a fifth, Spirit, but it is within every living thing and does not have a personification the same way as each of the others do. As such, Spirit is not recognised as one of the Oracles.
Although their followers are of all alignments, the Oracles themselves are neither Good nor Evil. They are a force of Neutrality and between themselves hold a much more harmonious balance than the gods as they do not fight between themselves (which is more than can be said for their followers).
Those who follow the Oracles are known as Druidic. They can cast magic by calling upon the power of the Oracles and look to them for guidance.

These races include:
Lizardmen (revere them along with their own primitive gods)
Some Humans
Some Dakrons
Most Wood Elves

These are beings of immense power who, if worshipped, could instantly become members of the Celestela. At the time of the Age of Immortals they did not chose to ascend to become gods, and so remained 'free agents' who are not dependent on worship for their power. They serve no gods unless they want to and they align themselves according to the Celestila.

Kalganos was the first Dragon and the father of his race. Neutral

Lord of the Spirit World (place of godless dead, lost souls and banished spirits). Being a place of death, his alignment is Destructive

Cursa - warden of the winds of fate. Strictly neutral

Races without deities, who are warded over by Demigods:

Dragons - Kalganos
Dakrons - Kalganos
The Undead - RaSepReTay
Pteracru - an ancient and dying race from before the time of mammals.

The Tymaeran Zodiac:
Many Tymaerans believe rather avidly in astrology. The Tymaeran zodiac features signs much different from those of our own world. There are thirteen in total, sharing the 379-day year almost equally between them.

Curran, the Manticore
Ssitheta the Striking Snakes - depicted as two snakes intertwined in a figure of eight, devouring one anothers' tails.

Nissin the Rat
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