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Places and Geography
Tymaera is a vast world dominated by two major landmasses: the Northern Lands in the northern hemisphere, and Caevalonia in the southern hemisphere. The equator is mainly occupied by oceans and archipelagos.


Glossary and Pronunciations


Palitz - name for the grand home of an important wizard, or for a place where more than one wizard lives.
Uth - The Elven word for City.



Atar = a-tar Atar forest. Vast forest just north of the Witch Mountains. Home to Wood Elves and thier city, Norell Barlone = bar-lon-ay Head of the Rattikin Theives Guild
Caevalonia = ka-va-low-nia Largest continent on Tymaera Chavin = sha-vin canine-like predators
Chavaka = sha-va-kah Larger cousins of Chavin Degarii = de-gah-rhye Feline humanoid race
Dharli - daa-li City in the Empire Equila = eh-ki-la horse-like creatures. Beasts of burden.
Gorrta = gor-ter Hssaar = hiss-ah
Ishter = ish-tear City in the Empire. Desert region. Kalganos = kal-gan-oss
Khazeem = kah-zeem Darkclaw, the assassin Khisan = kis-ahn
Mir Nered = meer na-red Moorin = moor-in
Nerat = neh-rat Norell = nor-rell
Nresha = nreh-sha  Pterecru = ter-a-crew 
Queta = kwe-ta  Ranwolfs = ran-ulfs - the 'w' is silent
Rhaka = rak-ka Selenae = se-lene-ay
Telia = te-lee-a Tshar = char Hssaar capital city.
Tymaera = tie-mare-rah Uth Deir = uth day-ir  
Wyrds = weirds Ymmu = immu