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There are many differing forms of magic in use on Tymaera, with an even more diverse base of types of magic-users, ranging from human conjurers and druids to dragon sorcerers. This section briefly covers the major forms of magic, magic-users and spellbook (to come soon).

(Druidic: native (elemental), High: brought from the Northern Lands, Clerical: divine and Demonic: intrusive)

Elemental Magic:
This is also known as Druidic magic. As the name suggests, this form is called forth through the Oracles, the godlike 'spirits' thought to be present in each of the elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit,.. Spirit is treated differently however, and is thought not to have an Oracle as such, but is present in all living beings. There are four great temples, one for each Oracle, scattered across Tymaera, and known as the 'four corners' of the world. Although greatly revered, the Oracles are not worshipped as gods by their followers, the Druids and Witches.

Druids concentrate on the four tangible elements, whilst Witches follow the way of Spirit.

High Magic:
This is the name given to magic wielded through tapping into the 'wild magic' present on Tymeara since before the Age of Mortals (the current age). It is currently the most common amongst the 'civilised' races, especially with the great teaching palitzes (wizards residence) for training wizards. There are many ways of tapping into and channeling this wild magic: through reading or reciting spells, through writing (such as runesmiths who carve magical runes to enchant weapons), through certain reagents or, most rarely of all, through simple thought.

Sorcerers: The latter from the above list will be dealt with first as individuals capable of this are extraordinarily rare. They are called Sorcerers and have the world of magic at their fingertips, They are generally feared and reviled (as the saying goes 'power corrupts') and other forms of magic user will seek their destruction, usually more than partly out of envy. Some sorcerers do not even require training to use their power but the prudent ones seek guidance from magical texts.

Wizards are the next-most powerful form of magic user second to sorcerers. Wizards learn to tap into and channel wild magic through incantations learned and kept in their minds. Lower-level wizards must read from spell-books and, once a spell has been used, may need to re-learn it! Only the most powerful and learned wizards have the strength of will to keep their spells in their minds ready to recite when required.

Clerical / Divine Magic:
Divine magic is invoked through calling upon divine beings... be they deities, demigods or powerful daemons. Usually only a follower of said higher being will have their call for magic answered. Not always the most reliable form of magic, but formidable if the invocation is answered...

The magic of demons... this is relatively new compared to the other forms of magic available on Tymaera but its dark influence is no less widespread. It is a corruptive magic that mutates and warps the natural into twisted, demonical beings resembling the parodies of Creation found in demon realms. Mostly it is only available to be used by demons, which have its power in their blood much like sorcerers and their wild magic.

The Awakened:
Some individuals are born with natural magical abilities. Except for sorcerers, these people usually only possess one eldritch power. Sometimes they have control over it, sometimes the ability is unreliable and intermittent at best whilst in other cases it is the power that controls them. These people are known as 'awakened' because their third eye, the eye of the spirit, visible with magical sight, is open. There are numerous, disparate forms of eldritch power one might possess - some powerful, some weak, some useful, some destructive and some, quite frankly, are pointless. Examples are listed below:

People gifted (or cursed) to see into the future. They may see through visions, trances or through divination.

Gifted seers who can see the far future. Farseers are almost non-existent now - when chaos demons first came to the mortal plane the abilities of all seers were disrupted. This is because chaos demons are not supposed to be a part of the universe and have now thrown the paths of fate into (unsurprisingly) chaos! When the Dreaming Gate first opened the farseers suffered greatly, many plunging into madness and tearing out their own eyes (where the gift of Seeing resides), or resorting to suicide.
Even Seers are becoming a rare breed. Their power is greatly diminished and lacks the accuracy it once had. Their predictions are mostly limited to the short term (within days). The most powerful can still predict within years but their visions are vague, making it hard to pin down accurate detail.

Those who can see the present i.e. what is happening elsewhere, able to find hidden/lost objects etc. Much sought for their usefulness as spies.

Those who can sense and sometimes communicate with the minds of others.

Very rare. Unlike necromancers who can only summon and command the dead, a clairvoyant can see the undead and commune with them without needing spells. The most feared necromancer on Tymaera, Bel-Sharoth, is rumoured to be a clairvoyant, hence his great power beyond all others.

An animagus is someone who has the ability to communicate with animals.