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Ranwulf tribes were the inhabitants of Caevalonia's vast, open plains long before human barbarians and centaurs came to the continent from the Northlands. For countless generations the three species have warred over these territories and there is no sign of an end to the conflict. This is how the ranwulfs have earned their reputation as a warlike, barbarian race.

They are distrustful of outsiders, especially anyone from the lands of the Empire, and so few people get close enough to them to learn that beneath this reputation there is much more to them.
The tribes of Caevalonia's north are largely peaceful folk.. if left alone. They are hunter-gatherers and always on the move. Traditionally instead of horses they herd and ride large, muskox-like creatures called carakoxen which are used not only for transport but to provide milk, bedding, fur and meat. However, these are not as fast as horses and many ranwulfs have welcomed equines as a useful addition to their herds. There is sometimes friction between tribes but since having to deal with human and centaur settlers, ranwulfs have been too busy with them to start fighting each other!

In the south on the tundra-like plateau of Tenra, the ranwulfs are much fiercer. Not only is there the constant battle over land and resources with the settler races, they have also always had to deal with the threat of the Lunaris (dark elves) from the Dark Lands south of the Grey Mountains. And in more recent centuries the chaos demons of the Ruined Land are uncomforably close. Up on the plateau there is no option to just move away to safer climes so they have learned to stand, fight and to strike first if needed.

Within their tribes ranwulfs are unfailingly loyal and will protect their own to the death. It is rare for ranwulfs to leave their tribes but some younger males, and sometimes couples, feel the need to wander and will travel Caevalonia alone. Always they return to their homeland eventually with news of the outside world. Without these wandering youngsters ranwulfs would know little of what goes on in the world beyond their lands as they are so insular. Permanent banishment is considered a punishment as bad as death.

Most of their belongings are fashioned from the remains of their herd animals - nothing goes to waste - so their camps are somewhat morbid, full of bones, skulls and skins.

They are always on the move but at the solstices their tribes gather at shrines dedicated to the Oracle of Air. As they live in exposed, open lands they are at the mercy of the sky and so revere the Oracle. They also hold winged beings in awe and consider them daemons (as in supernatural beings between mortals and gods - not necessarily the evil kind).



Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore.
Alignment (if any): neutral
Life expectancy: 60-70 winters
Deity: revere the Oracle of air above all. Individual tribes may vary.