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Half Dragons


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Class: Dragonkin
Species: Human/dragon half breeds.

Some dragons, well versed in magic, learn the ability to shapeshift. For whatever reasons – perhaps curiosity, intelligence gathering (be it for malignant or benevolent purposes) or to hide from persecution – some dragons chose to masquerade as humans or members of another sentient race (possibly one of the half-beast races, but never elves since through their magical nature they can sense one that does not belong amongst their number). Sometimes for extended periods of time running into years. Occasionally these 'hidden dragons' become involved with the opposite sex, often with their partner being unaware of their nature, and the offspring of this strange union is a half dragon.

Many are strangled at birth but some rare individuals survive into adulthood – either through the compassion of their mother, or because their mixed nature was not immediately apparent. The appearance of a half dragon can vary wildly. Some are barely noticeable as different, with the odd patch of scales here or there, or perhaps they have horns, vestigial wings or a tail easily hidden beneath a cloak. Others are so strong in their dragon side that they can almost pass themselves off as dakrons!

Half dragons enjoy extended lifespans, a great affinity for magic, sometimes great strength and enhanced senses compared to the non-dragon half of their nature. However they are mostly shunned by both dragons and humans and are usually forced to live solitary, lonely lives.


Average Statistics
Diet: omnivore
Alignment (if any): neutral
Life expectancy: 180-200 winters