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degarii info
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Quick-witted, curious and intelligent, the half-beast degarii race inhabit Caevalonia's temperate forest and jungle regions.

They resemble bipedal great cats. Degarii stand at about 5' 7" and females tend to be much smaller than males and usually rely on their agility rather than brute strength. They come in a range of fur colour from black (this is taken to be the symbol of a true warrior and these cats are normally trained as the elite guard of degarii temples), tiger-like stripes and spots to white (signifies 'greatness' - white degarii are considered very wise and are the rulers of their race). There are exceptions to this small stature - the degarii of the southern clans were much larger and sometimes mutated due to the wild magic so prevelant in the region. However they were all but wiped out by the growth of the Old Empire before the Dragon Wars.

They live in small family clans, making thier homes high up in the enormous, ancient trees of Caevalonia's primeval forests. They get on well with Silavnis (wood elves) and in regions inhabited by the elves they live harmoniously side by side.

The only communities larger than these are the cities clustered around their sacred temple sites, guarded by fearsome the fearsome queta with which degarii have a close connection. Only their temples are built from stone, with their houses being made of local material (i.e. trees) to blend in with the surroundings.

Occasionally younger individuals will head off by themselves to the main cities of Caevalonia, or become rangers or scouts (professions to which their race is greatly suited) and join bands of adventurers of other races.

Tales of the treasures held within their temples sometimes attract unwanted attention and although as a race degarii are a peaceful people, if they have to defend themselves their fighting prowess becomes apparent.


Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore.
Alignment (if any): neutral
Life expectancy: 70-80 winters