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Hell Beasts


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Species Description:
'Hell Beast' is the blanket-term given to the daemonic 'fauna' of the underworlds. In their strange mimickery of mortal realms the underworlds have their own animal life. These daemons are bloodthirsty beasts that hunt and feed upon the other denizens of thier dark realms. They come in all shapes and sizes. Best known are hell cats - huge, grotesque feline-like creatures - and hell hounds, terrible, ferocious dogs.

Rarely do they find their way into the Mortal Plane (luckily) however magic users may summon them for various nefarious purposes, like to hunt down and kill an enemy or rival, as a familiar or to guard their home or some valuable item. For the latter purpose, rather than keep the beast permanently on the mortal plane - which requires a powerful spell to bring them fully over - there may be a booby trap that when triggered will summon the hell beast.

Hell hounds are favoured for 'pursuit' tasks where tracking is required. Often they travel in packs. More powerful than hell hounds are hell cats (pictured) which are harder to control and are favoured for the above mentioned booby traps.


Average Statistics
Diet: carnivorous
Life expectancy: ageless
Solitary/Group (number): solitary