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wyvern info
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Wyverns are sometimes called dragons’ poorer relatives. This is a mistake as they are not related to dragons at all and if a dragon caught someone saying that they would not appreciate it...

They resemble huge, bat-winged serpents with hind legs. Their long, serpentine bodies end in a venemous scorpion-like sting at the end of their tail. Their faces are snake-like. Besides colouration of the scales (always shades of green), there is very little physical diversity between one wyvern and another. Some may have ivory coloured horns whilst others have black horns but that is about as varied as they get. Tymaeran wyverns grow to no more than 10m in length, with the females being considerably larger than the males. They have lifespans of only a century or so. They do possess a dull intelligence and can understand verbal commands if trained from hatchlings.

Wyverns are ill-tempered beasts but unless they are certain of winning they will not usually pick a fight with other creatures. They live alone or in pairs and fiercely defend their young. Their preferred environment is anywhere with craggy, hard to access cliff faces where they can build safe nests. This often puts them head-to-head with griffins and the two species will fight to the death to claim such territories.

Wyvern eggs are greatly prized by the races of men and lunaris (dark elves), humans, orcs and ranwulfs pay dearly for hatchlings they can train to become dangerous war-mounts. Trained from birth to fight wyvern war-mounts are ferocious in battle and are much favoured by generals. However they are difficult to rear and even 'tame' ones are dangerous toward anyone but their handlers.



Average Statistics
Size: 5m-10m long
Preferred Environment(s): mountains, cliff faces.
Diet: carnivore
Life expectancy: ~100 years
Solitary/Group (number): Alone or pairs.