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In Sauren, the language spoken by lizardmen and hssaar, 'tomanda' means 'slow'. Originally others thought its ponderous movements had earned the tomanda its name. However, 'tomanda' also means 'be careful'. This is because Tomanda are slow, ponderous and docile (if raised from hatchlings) but if threatened or angered, they turn into unstoppable juggernauts of destruction.

Their huge size and incredible strength means they are highly favoured as beasts of burden. Their tough leathery hide and boney armour plates are prized for the quality armour they can be used to make. In fact lizardmens' traditional battle armour is almost exclusively made from the skin, plates and spikes of tomanda.

Specially reared bull tomanda are used by lizardmen as mounts in battle. However, once enraged they are uncontrollable so their riders can do little but hang on for dear life and try their best to point the rampaging beast in the direction of the enemy. One of the reasons the lizardmen stronghold at Blackmarsh has not been swallowed up by the Empire is because only lizardmen seem able to rear battle tomandas and the Empire purchases what the lizardmen are willing to spare for their own army!

In the wild, these herbivorous giants have little to fear from natural predators except for dragons and even then they do not make an easy meal for most!



Average Statistics
Diet: herbivore

Life expectancy: 100-120 winters