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These are the largest naturally-occurring feline denizens of Caevalonia. Only queta, manticore and gryphons are larger but these hybrids are classed as monsters. Gorrta are much revered for their animal cunning and intelligence. As they grow to about the size of a small horse gorrtas can be used as mounts but only if they are trained as cubs ideally from before they are fully weaned. Their killer instinct makes them particularly useful in battle while their pack mentality means they work as well in a team as they do alone. But they also have good maternal/maternal instincts and, although they only ever allow the person who brought them up to ride them, they dote upon their owners and are fiercely protective of them.

In the wild gorrtas live and hunt in prides ranging from just 2 or 3 to over 30 led by just one dominant female (as they pair for life, it is only unpaired youngsters that tend to drift from group to group). They inhabit huge territories (depending on pride size) in the gloomy pine forests of the Greater Wilds where their dark colouration makes for ideal camouflage and their haunting howls and cries can be heard echoing from miles away. They can sometimes be found roaming the open plains in eastern Caevalonia when food becomes scarce. Also there are small concentrations in the Lesser Wilds, but most of these here are 'domesticated' and are the favoured mounts of the feline degarii.




Average Statistics
Size: 2-2.5m long
Weight: 200-250kg
Preferred Environment(s): mountains, pine forests, cold places.
Diet: carnivore
Alignment (if any): n/a
Life expectancy: 20-30 years
Solitary/Group (number): Group animal - 2-3 up to 30 adults in a group.