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bludsogger info
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Bludsoggers are unpleasant, bottom-dwelling fish whose name - translated into Common Tongue as 'Blood Suckers' - says it all. They can grow up to 15cm long and live in small shoals in shallow, murky water. They aren't fussy about what they feed on and like in wait for whatever likely meal might come their way - be it a wading land animal or another larger aquatic creature. Using their large fins to propel themselves they shoot up from the murk and latch on to their dinner using both their sucker-mouth and the spiked tendrils around their mouthparts. These tendrils make them very difficult to remove and usually it's best to wait for the fish to have its full then drop off as removing them prematurely can leave easily infected wounds resulting in unpleasant scars.

Bludsoggers are partly amphibious - they use their gills under water but can also breath through their skins and can drag themselves short distances outside of water using their fins. They cannot survive long outside of water and will let go when they start to dry out or become too hot.

They do have their uses, however - apparently they go very well in a stew.



Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore (parasite)