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Commonly referred to as eaters of the dead, the sepuket is a much maligned species, reviled for their reputation for digging up graves and consuming human remains.

Often mistaken for daemons, the sepuket is a species that actually originates from the spirit world. It is suspected they found their way into the Mortal Realms during the Age of Dust when the Veil between the living and other worlds was weakened. Their main diet is the undead, with zombies being a particular favourite: they feast both on material flesh and bone and on the immaterial life force of the undead. When food is scarce they may feed on dead bodies but this is not their preference.

Sepukets are not at all territorial. They constantly roam the land, never sleeping, always moving and are drawn toward places where magic is strongest as it is here the dead do not rest easy.

Their fearsome appearance with their long dewclaws and skeletal head leads many to think they are demons or undead monsters here for the souls of the living. This is somewhat incorrect - the sepuket is only really dangerous to the living if it feels threatened or is angered in some way. Otherwise they are quite happy to let mortals die of their own accord.

They are intelligent and capable of thought-speech (projecting their words into another's head - not telepathy as they cannot read minds) but mostly they avoid the places where the living dwell unless there is an infestation of undead as sometimes happens when curses are unleashed or a necromancer or one of the Greater Dead is summoning them from beyond the grave.




Average Statistics
Size: 2-3 m long
Weight: 350kg
Diet: scavenger/necrophage
Alignment (if any): neutral
Life expectancy: n/a. Undead
Solitary/Group (number): Solitary