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Species Description:
These dangerous fell beasts are recognisable through their seven (or more!) heads, two legs and usually about three tails. They can reach about 15 metres in length from head to tail. Legends suggesting that two heads will regrow in the place of one which has been severed are untrue, but they are dangerous nonetheless. It is unknown what creature hydra descended from but it is thought the magic that permeates
Tymaera helped warp them into the monstrosities they are today.

Hydra live in any environment which is not too cold. They prefer more watery places as they are semi-amphibious and their skins can dry out. They are a solitary species and rarely stray from their territories, which is fortunate as their extremely tough skins and nasty temperament make them a serious problem when they appear near settlements..

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Average Statistics
Size: 5-15mtr long depending on age
Diet: carnivore
Alignment (if any): evil
Life expectancy: 300 years
Solitary/Group (number): solitary. Highly territorial.