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Bog Eels


Bog Eels


Bog eels are a freshwater species of predators/scavengers that favour slow-moving rivers, fens, bogs and other still-water areas of depths less than 5 metres (deeper than this they're likely to run into larger predators like lurkers).

A full grown bog eel can reach up to 7 metres in length! Though they mostly feed on aquatic life smaller than they, their three-part jaws are hinged on elasticated ligaments so, much like a snake, they can swallow large prey whole. When the opportunity presents they will snatch an unsuspecting meal from above the water.


Average Statistics
Size: up to 10m long
Diet: carnivorous / hunters / scavengers
Alignment (if any): n/a
Life expectancy: 15-20 years
Solitary/Group (number): Group. Solitary hunters but live alongside other bog eels..