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Nresha, Hssaar High Priestess.
alignment: evil

Physical Description
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Species Hssaar
Sex Female
Age: Ancient. Given longevity by her goddess
Height 'standing' 5'8", full length head-tail 14'.
Weight 200lbs
Hair n/a
Eyes: Yellow, slit serpent pupils
old and worn but carries a steely knife-edge of strength
Scars and handicaps
Her body is the equivalent of about 80 (to a human) so she lacks the physical prowess of the eternal youth she once had.
Emotional: Cannot tolerate failure of any sort.
Sort of Home Lived in: Was raised by the harsh, cruel, yet lavish priesthood of Anshu.
Background / dates / events in life

Nresha Al-Suriha is the most favoured of the dark goddess Anshu, the 'Mother of Lies' and patron of the hssaar people. Born into the then most powerful house in hssaar society she had the honour of being offered to the priesthood by her family as thanks to their goddess for their elevated position. Devout and incomparably cruel and cunning, Nresha rose through the ranks, disgracing (or dispatching) anyone who got in the way of her lust for power and control. As a result of her drive and priviledged background she was appointed at a young age to the Royal Temple in the Pharoah's own palace. Here, in the court where the hssaar kingdom's decisions were made her ambition soared and she set her sights on the High Priesthood. Her peers considered her an upstart and plotted against her but Nresha was no stranger to politics - no Hssaar house can remain powerful for long without having both brute strength *and* guile and so she in turn plotted against them. Her machinations pleased and amused the dark goddess and when Nresha and her allies poisoned their rivals she was quickly ordained High Priestess.

The goddess Anshu was not unwise in the choice of her favoured and Nresha flourished in her new role. As advisor to the Pharoah himself she helped the kingdom go from strength to strength and was rewarded with immortal youth and beautyby Anshu.

However, none of the dark gods are known for their constancy and Anshu can be fickle. When the group of dragons known as the Seven rained destruction upon the world of men, Nresha advised against the Pharoah siding with the most ambitious of them, the dragon Bloodbane when he rose to power and claimed by force the ruined Empire for his own. She had feared the dragon would turn his attention to the wealth of the Hssaar but Anshu was furious she had missed this opportunity to make a powerful ally who, in time, could possibly have been swayed to the goddess's will. To show her displeasure, Anshu took away her favour from Nresha's family and House Al-Suriha fell, its nobles slain or thrown into slavery.

One of the duties of the priesthood was to train and keep the hssaar Assassins - the greatest strength of the kingdom beyond its borders and feared throughout the lands. The high assassin, who had the honour of being called the 'Dark Claw' of the hssaar, was the most cherished of these by the priesthood and was brought up and trained in the ways of death by Nresha herself. However, the last to hold this title was a lizardman half-breed who would have been killed at birth were it not for his bright blue scales which were considered a sign of future greatness. Kahzeem was Nresha's pupil and had the honour of being her occasional consort and so it was her liability when he abandoned his role and fled the kingdom only to serve the dragon Bloodbane. Anshu was greatly displeased by Nresha's failure to hold sway over this assassin in whom so much had been invested and this time she took away Nresha's eternal youth, leaving her all but a withered husk of immortal old age.

Now, more bitter and cruel than ever, she seeks to regain the favor of her goddess by vanquishing the enemies of the Hssaar (so everyone else, then) and finding a way to bring Tymaera's most powerful beings, dragons, into her power to aid her cause.

Siblings Unknown
Offspring (names and ages) No offspring
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Philosophy of Life Everything is to serve the glory and power of Anshu.
Ambitions To destroy the enemies of the hssaar... and have everyone else under her thumb.
Fantasies/Daydreams Wants revenge on Darkclaw for his betrayal.
Favourite Colour Red and gold.
Deity Anshu, Goddess of Lies.
Closest Friends Doesn't have any friends. Closest confident is probably the High Assassin who replaced Darkclaw,, Kooja.
Acquaintances Hssaar priesthood and nobility.
Worst Enemies Any who would stand against the hssaar. Surprisingly she is safe from backstabbing within her culture so long as she holds the favour of her goddess.
Fighting Method Has her guards to fight for her. She is not too shabby at hand to hand combat herself and can summon the power of her goddess since she is a dark cleric.
Is Afraid of Failing her goddess again.
Sees self as In control, the most important person in hssaar culture (since she views the Pharoah as little more than a puppet.
Is seen as Cold, violent and cruel.
How character sees others. There to be used.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: No sacrifice is too small.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: (as mentioned above). Now, more bitter and cruel than ever, she seeks to regain the favor of her goddess by vanquishing the enemies of the Hssaar (so everyone else, then) and finding a way to bring Tymaera's most powerful beings, dragons, into her power to aid her cause.