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Illustrations from stories and pictures where there's stuff going on - i.e. not just pin-up art, which is in the 'character art' section.

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Characters - The Daemonslayers

Character profile pictures and general simple character art of the Daemonslayers, their respective were- or dracoforms and their rides Knightmare, Gor and the Steed.

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Characters - Other

Allies, Enemies and Anyone In Between: Supporting characters, both helpful and otherwise in the Daemonslayers' world.

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Bestiary - part1

Peoples, Dragons and Creatures of Tymaera

25 images

Bestiary - part2

Daemons and the Dead: daemons, chaos demons, the Undead and otherworldly entities.

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Not Trading Cards

Cards featuring creatures and characters from The Daemonslayers and their world.

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Sketches, doodles, WIPs and concept art

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Guest Art

Gifts, commissioned work, contest art... there's some awesome Daemonslayers art here by some awesome people

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